Hispanic GOP candidates slam Jill Biden’s ‘taco’ remark as ‘grossly offensive
POSTED: July 12, 2021

Rene Lopez, a Hispanic candidate in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District, told Fox News Digital that his personal history shines light on why Hispanics are abandoning the Democratic Party.

“With my extensive heritage history in Arizona, including family who live in border towns, and having co-found an organization that helps victims of sex trafficking, I have a firsthand perspective on the horrific ramifications the policies of Joe Biden and his administration have on Hispanic families and communities,” Lopez said. “Add to that the crippling burden placed on all of us by his failed economic policies, it is clear why so many Hispanics are moving to the Republican Party.”

“Jill Biden would do better to answer for these failures by her husband and her party than to appeal to us through offensive and tone-deaf comparisons such as this,” he added. “This is indicative of the current elitist leadership in DC and how it’s reduced our heritage and culture to a taco.”

Excerpt from SOURCE: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/hispanic-gop-candidates-slam-jill-bidens-taco-remark-grossly-offensive

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